Things to Ask When Getting Moving Quotes

No two moving companies are the same, which is why their moving quotes are also going to be different. When inquiring about moving quotes from different moving companies, you are very much likely to get different prices. Some companies will offer extortionately expensive prices while some of them may quote prices that will sound too cheap to be real.

Therefore, you need to ask various questions to your movers to make sure that you get the best deal. This article will take a look at a few questions you should ask your prospective professional movers in Toronto before you finally enlist their support. Let’s take a look.

Ask About The Extra Charges

When it comes to moving to another property, nobody likes surprises, especially when you get these surprises in the form of extra charges. So, make sure your prospective movers are transparent with you when it comes to the cost. One of the huge mistakes people make is believing that everything they need to get their house or office moved comes at the same price as quoted by the movers in the beginning. But as the moving process passes by, some movers start putting customers against unusual costs.

Do You Estimate The Cost On Site?

Instead of getting the estimation over the call, get the movers to visit your house. Some movers may try to estimate the cost of moving your overall possessions overall the call, which is wrong. If they refuse to arrive at your home for calculating the estimates, enlisting their services is a sure shot no. So make sure that you have hired the moving company that agrees to arrive at your home for providing you with the moving estimates.

What Kinds of Services Do You Offer?

Apart from the basic moving services such as packaging, heavy lifting, loading/unloading, transportation, you may require assistance in several other activities. You would also require rigging services, which involves getting your furniture out through the window when the staircase of your house is too narrow to take it out. Moreover, make sure the company offering moving services in Toronto comes with the storage facility because in some instances people run out of storage in their new house or office.

So these were a few of the questions that you need to ask your prospective moving company before you finally hire them to move into another property. Hope you found the information helpful.

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