Purchase Comprehensive Travel Insurance To Safeguard Your Vacation

Travel insurance is often an overlooked asset by a lot of travellers, as they consider it an additional expense. However, emergencies like personal injuries, flight delays due to weather conditions, lost luggage and travel documents due to theft, etc., are unavoidable in some cases.

Moreover, medical fees are not cheap when overseas, so extending your stay in a foreign country due to a medical emergency can quickly deplete your savings. This is why having a fully comprehensive travel insurance plan can be beneficial.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan  offers complete travel coverage for any possibility you can think of and ensures a stress-free trip. So, if you want to learn more about this type of travel policy, keep reading.

 Why Should You Buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance? 

The primary reason travellers are advised to buy travel insurance is so they have some financial backup in case anything goes wrong during their trip. A comprehensive travel insurance plan takes the amount of coverage a normal travel policy provides a step further. Simply put, you get more coverage for a slightly higher premium.

When purchasing an international travel insurance online, having your travel insurance compared with other plans can give you more insight into the types of coverage you can get.

 What Does a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan Cover? 

The details and features of a comprehensive travel cover can differ across the board for different insurance providers. The features stated below are almost always covered under a comprehensive plan. But you must also look for covers that apply specifically to you and your travel circumstances and discuss the policy terms with your insurance provider.

For example, if you are travelling to an area with a lot of political unrest, check the policy’s cancellation terms. Most travel insurances only cover some cancellations, so look into what is covered before buying the policy or booking your trip.

Here is the type of extensive coverage you can expect under a comprehensive plan:

●        Flight Delays or Missed Flights 

Unexpected weather conditions or natural disasters like hurricanes or thunderstorms are something no one can predict and are entirely out of your control. They significantly impact flight availability and can result in many cancellations.

In these instances, a comprehensive travel cover can cover any additional costs incurred if you have to extend your stay due to delayed flights and weather conditions. Similarly, they also cover costs if you miss your connecting flights.

However, travel policies often have varying criteria for claims filed under missed, delayed or cancelled flights, so always check your policy’s terms to ensure you are eligible for reimbursement before you file a claim.

●        Baggage Loss or Delay 

Baggage delays or the airline completely losing your luggage can upset anyone. A comprehensive plan offers coverage in these cases. For example, if your luggage has been delayed, your travel policy will provide the necessary funds to cover the loss of your personal belongings.

Moreover, if you have a second destination on your trip and your luggage still has not been delivered to you and has been lost by the airline, your travel policy will pay for the lost articles. Please read the policy documents for precise information on this.

●        Partial Trip Cancellation 

In cases where you cut your trip short due to emergencies, you may lose out on expenses like hotel bookings and any pre-booked activities or reservations you’ve made before your trip.

Without a travel insurance plan, all of these would be lost expenses, and you would not be reimbursed for any of them.

●        Medical Treatment and Hospitalisation 

If you fall sick during your trip and need to be hospitalised, your insurance provider will either reimburse the costs or directly pay for the expenses themselves.

In addition, a comprehensive travel insurance plan covers a wider array of illnesses and diseases under its terms, ensuring you get the treatment you need during emergencies.

●        Personal Accidents or Injuries 

These refer to accidents or injuries inflicted on you during activities or an accident that need medical attention. The expenses for these will be covered by your travel insurance plan.

[Note: Your insurance provider will not cover any self-inflicted injuries.]

●        Covid-19 Coverage 

This is more of a recent addition to travel policies. Post-pandemic, almost all insurance providers offer Covid-19 coverage either built into their plans or as add-on covers.

This cover offers coverage for medical treatments and hospitalisation that may require you to extend your trip.

Comprehensive travel insurance plans automatically provide Covid-19 coverage, but it is always good to check with your insurer first before buying the plan. For example, providers like Tata AIG offer travel insurance and travel health insurance plans with Covid-19 coverage as a built-in cover, but that might not be the case for other providers.

●        Emergency Medical Evacuation 

In cases of more severe injuries where you must be rushed to the hospital for surgery or immediate medical treatment, your travel insurance policy will cover the ambulance costs and any other significant medical costs incurred from surgery.

●        Loss of Life During the Trip 

In the unfortunate case of death during your trip, a comprehensive travel insurance policy will cover the costs associated with the repatriation of your remains.

●        Theft or Loss of Goods 

Theft is the most common crime across all countries. It is entirely possible for your belongings to get stolen or damaged during a burglary. You could even suffer a loss of funds which could leave you penniless.

For all these cases, fully comprehensive travel insurance can offer you an emergency cash cover so you have enough funds to continue your trip and be able to afford basic necessities like food, accommodation and transport during the remainder of your stay.


A comprehensive travel insurance policy is often the best route if you want all-around coverage during your trip. However, always remember to check both the inclusions and exclusions and discuss the policy’s terms with your provider before moving forward with any purchase.

Now that you know what a comprehensive travel cover is consider getting one from Tata AIG before your next trip. Stay safe and happy travels!

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