Keter and Alejandro Pena Work Toward Even Higher Sustainability Goals

Keter, a lifestyle brand, creates household goods that last a lifetime. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in every stage of its process, from the initial design phase to the entire value chain.

Alejandro Pena contributes as Chief Executive officer to Keter’s overall objective. Keter’s way of doing business is based on three core aspects of sustainability. Keter’s business decisions are based upon these three pillars, which are better goods, better planet and better business.

Keter’s top executives are not the only ones passionate about sustainability. Pena states that everyone in the Keter organization rises to the occasion every single day. “They believe that the future holds bright and that together, we can construct a stronger company and, most importantly, a better planet for the next generation to inherit.” The success of Keter’s efforts to achieve its sustainability targets has largely been due to this passion and commitment by Alejandro Pena.

Better Goods

Keter lifestyle solutions offer customers several benefits, including durability. Keter offers lifestyle products that are long-lasting and of the highest quality. Keter is committed to developing high-quality products that don’t negatively impact the environment. This is evident because all of their products can be recycled. Alejandro Pena points out that the company’s products are recycled and contain as much as 100% of recycled content. Keter used 160,00 tons of recycled material during the year 2021.

Better Business

Alejandro Pena’s passion for sustainability is remarkable, especially considering that the Keter group currently owns five production sites. All of their production facilities adhere to the three pillars of sustainability that Keter has formed for itself. Keter is also dedicated to helping the communities where it does business in those five locations. The Keter program for community outreach was created in collaboration with The Education Fund. Alejandro Pena is hopeful that future generations are inspired and educated about the environment through the Keter Green Spaces program. “This may help spur efforts to create positive change around the world,” Pena enthuses.

Better Planet

From the beginning, Keter has made environmental responsibility a central part of its corporate culture. Keter, along with Alejandro Pena, its Chief Executive Officer, has set a challenging objective to reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% by 2025. Keter is always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve its environmental footprint and achieve its sustainability goals. They continually analyze and improve all aspects of their business to ensure that they are preserving the health of the local ecosystem as much as possible. The company engages in climate resilience initiatives and water conservation activities across all five production facilities and its supply chain.

Keter believes that companies have a strong sense of responsibility to the world. The company makes concerted efforts to produce and construct products that are not only beautiful but also practical. “It is important to consider each product’s impact on the environment,” says Pena.

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