Daniel Shin & PortOne Global Blaze Trail For Emerging Fintech Solutions in Asia’s Payment Processing

As we transition to a more cashless society, payment processing giants have become increasingly important over the years. From online services to ordering goods through digital platforms, we increasingly seek to connect from the palm of our hands.

With connection on the internet as a priority, companies throughout Asia have been working to develop the payment processing technology required to meet this advanced and growing demand. From AliPay to PortOne Global, payment processing tech giants in Asia continue to offer new solutions to growing problems.

Let’s highlight the most impactful payment processing giants in the fintech world at the time of this writing.

The Work of Daniel Shin’s PortOne Global

In the rapidly evolving tech sphere, it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to collect payments from consumers reliably. PortOne Global has earned its reputation as a trustworthy payment provider, accepting more than 100 payments through a single API.

PortOne Global is exceptionally popular thanks to its fast operation, providing quick and painless solutions to more than 2,500 global merchants. As PortOne Global grows in popularity, Daniel Shin continues to pour effort into the business to meet the challenges its team of engineers faces.

PortOne Global was founded in Singapore in 2018 while Daniel Shin was working on his first business, TMoN.

Improved Outcomes With Razer Merchant Services

Razer Merchant Services is a leading merchant provider in Southeast Asia. Acquired by the Razer umbrella in 2018, Razer Merchant Services has been folded into one of the top lifestyle brands for gamers and tech enthusiasts.

Razer Merchant Services offers best-in-class payment options run through a single API, which empowers international brands as they connect to consumers throughout Southeast Asia. Razer Merchant Services was honored at the PayNet MEEA Awards 2022 as the Best Non-Bank Financial Process Exchange Acquirer.

Flexibility of GrabPay Offers Advanced Solutions

Financial technology innovation has become part and parcel of the industry for companies working out of Asia. GrabPay is an innovative super application that balances social media outreach with the ability to collect and spend points through GrabRewards.

GrabPay offers cashless services throughout Southeast Asia, wherein users can top up their accounts with credit or debit cards. GrabPay can link other payment methods for purchasing products and funding services in the region. GrabPay offers a merchant portal and application where Merchants can apply to finance funds and products to help better manage their financial cash flow.

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