6 Data Analytics Tips to Help You Succeed in Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing has become one of the main tools for companies to attract customers. With more than 60% of the world’s population having access to the Internet, businesses cannot ignore the advantage of an online presence. Companies need to be more tech-savvy in this modern world. And two of the best ways to keep up with technology are digital marketing and data analytics. These are effective strategies to implement technology into your business.

Data analytics help you design personalised experiences for your customers. Google Analytics 4 is the next generation analytics tool you can use to understand marketing campaigns, sales journeys, customer acquisition, and more. Businesses can quickly analyse which marketing channels are worth investing in.

Below are some smart ways data analytics can help your business succeed in digital marketing:

1.  Determine your audience and channels

One of the advantages of having data is knowing your target audience in your marketing campaigns. By monitoring the type of visitors on your website, you can create personas around those who engage. Afterwards, you can target other people like your current customer base. You must also know their intent when deciding on your target audience. Set KPIs to make content decisions that suit your audience best.

In addition, consider your traffic sources from devices. Since various demographics use different methods of getting marketing information, having the proper channels can make a big difference in your digital marketing campaigns. Thus, knowing which devices fit your audience can optimise your content to reach them effectively.

2.  Have the right data

Having accurate data is crucial for making marketing decisions. However, too much data is not recommended, which can harm your strategy if not used properly. Be sure to start setting up your GA4 correctly, including your KPIs, such as click-to-calls, visitors to the site, email collections, landing page visitors, and registrations. These help support your objective and eventually succeed in implementing your digital marketing strategies.

3.  Focus on customer experience

One of the integral parts of modern business nowadays is collecting consumer feedback. A company can offer a higher level of service and assistance by listening to customers. But with thousands of reviews, you will need the help of data analytics. It won’t be easy to understand where to move to keep your customers without it. Therefore, machine learning lets you automate the process and help systems work faster and more efficiently.

4.  Target the right keywords

Data reveals what your target audience is searching for when finding a product or service. This helps you target the right keywords and drive more traffic to your platforms. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool assists you in identifying your potential keywords. You can use it to see which keywords your competitors are targeting and the ones that are missing. Using the right keywords can drive your business forward. All you have to do is insert them into your social media posts, web content, call to action, and more.

5.  Optimise marketing efforts

With data analytics, businesses can pinpoint which marketing channels work and which don’t. It allows your marketing team to change the messaging if needed and heighten the frequency of campaigns. More so, data analytics can show which campaign works better on social media or newsletters, so you will know what to do next.

There are plenty of things that can tell about your customer’s pain points and questions, including social media interactions, forum discussions, blog comments, and website visits. You can narrow down these topics and create content that answers their questions using data analytics. It helps you build trust with your customers and gain more traction.

6.  Increase brand awareness

If you can get your brand on the Internet, it will always be there as long as your business remains. Since most customers use the web to search for companies, they will be more comfortable and feel safer if they can look for you out on the web. Brand awareness is an essential step for any business to gain success. Hence, ensure an online presence and utilise the Internet to reveal your brand to more people.


Data analytics can guide your business goals, marketing strategy, and product development. In today’s digital marketing realm, it plays a significant role. Thanks to new technologies, marketers can easily and quickly collect or process a large amount of information about users and draw accurate conclusions. You can leverage these things mentioned above to help you succeed in digital marketing. Consider these best practices and see the difference they bring to your business.

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